Universität des Saarlandes (USAAR)

Saarland University counts 17.000 students of whom 7% are foreign students. Saarland University has 6 faculties and provides a broad spectrum of disciplines and a strong focus on life sciences and computer science aspects.

The concept of investigations is an interdisciplinary approach to explore cellular signalling under physiological and pathophysiological situations. The research contains elements of basic research and applied science, comprising e.g. pharmacological safety screens and exploration of diagnostic concepts.

Role and Commitment of key persons (including supervisors)

Lars Kaestner: coordinator, leader of WP 1 and 6, supervisor of thesis
Christian Wagner: PI, supervisor of thesis

Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

Fully equipped blood and cell culture laboratory, clean room for chip production, state-of-the-art microscopes including, confocal microscope, FRAP, correlative microscopy (optics and AFM), optical tweezer, superresolution microscopy, mirofluidic devices computational power for simulations and neuronal networks

Previous Involvement in Research and Training Programmes

L. Kaestner has been a member in the Graduate-school „Dynamic and Evolution of macromolecular and cellular Processes“, Project leader in the Graduate-school „Calcium-Signaling and Cellular Nanodomains“, Project leader in a biophotonics project of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research („CordiLux“), Project coordinator of the EU-project CoMMiTMenT (Collaborative Project, Grant Agreement No. 602121)

C. Wagner has been PI in the DFG graduate school “Structure and pattern formation in complex systems” and member of the SFB 1027 Physical modelling of non-equilibrium processes biological system

Current Involvement in Research and Training Programmes

L. Kaestner is WP-leader in EU-ITN RELEVANCE.

C. Wagner is the scientific speaker of the Interreg project 4-08-061“PowderReg”, speaker of the German French Moroccan graduate school “living fluids”, DFH-DFDK 01-14

Relevant Publications and/ or Research/ Innovation Product