R&R Mechatronics International B.V. ()

RR Mechatronics is a medical device company employing some 90 people of which 34 work in R&D. Its main products are: 1) The Starrsed line of fully automated Westergren ESR instruments for medium to the largest fully automated clinical laboratories. 2) In-line, reagent preparation from concentrate for the leading flow-cytometer manufacturers. 3) The Lorrca OsmoScan and Oxygenscan, an Ektacytometer instrument that is the gold standard in research, diagnosis and severity assessment of hereditary RBC membrane disorders and Sickle cell anemia All of our three lines-of-business were developed in continuing close international cooperation with either academia or large hematology instrument corporations. RR Mechatronics has participated many nationally subsidized projects and has recently acquired a EUROSTARS funded EU project for the further development of an instrument that measures the individual’s susceptibility of a sickle cell crisis. RR Mechatronics recently acquired for the third time in a row the FD-Gazelle award which is a national award for fast growing SME companies.

Role and Commitment of key persons (including supervisors)

Jan de Zoeten Msc., (research director) 60%, provide research, training and supervision Dr. Lex Molenaar (CTO) 10%, provide training in medical device development-regulatory affairs Jan Buis MBA (CEO) 5%, provide training in SME business strategy

Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

RRM has extensive mechanical, electronics and embedded software development facilities.

Status of Research Premises

RRM is a fully privately owned SME with Inhouse lab facility to work with blood products

Previous Involvement in Research and Training Programmes

National: MIT R&D cooperation Financing PhD position at UMCU.

Current Involvement in Research and Training Programmes

EU: Eurostars National: MIT R&D cooperation Always several university interns from mechanical and electronics engineering

Relevant Publications and/ or Research/ Innovation Product

• The Lorrca-OsmoScan and since 2018 Lorrca-Oxygenscan, an Ektacytometer instrument that is a gold standard in research, diagnosis and severity assessment of hereditary RBC membrane disorders and sickle cell anemia. • IP: NL2019813A, A device for assessing changes in erythrocyte deformability, such as erythrocyte sickling tendency • Recent research publications by other parties using the RRM Lorrca instrument: • L. DaCosta et al. Diagnostic tool for red blood cell membrane disorders: Assessment of a new generation ektacytometer. Blood Cells, Molecules and Diseases 56 (2016) 9–2 • A. Zaninoni et al. Use of Laser Assisted Optical Rotational Cell Analyzer (LoRRca MaxSis) in the Diagnosis of RBC Membrane Disorders, Enzyme Defects, and Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemias: A Monocentric Study on 202 Patients. Frontiers in Physiology, doi: 10.3389/fphys.2018.00451